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four play music

Urban Aficionado

1540 N Milwaukee, Chicago IL.

Wednesday 1/4 @ Crocodile Lounge (Lower-Level) addppl, Four Play Music & GrooveBoxChi present… Urban Aficionado: A Monthly Soirée for the City Dweller … GUEST DJs for January: GLENN UNDERGROUND CVO (SJU, Cajual, Dancemania, Shelter, PeaceFrog) JORDAN FIELDS (We Been Deep, …


four play saturdays

2843 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL.

fourplaymusic and Gramaphone Records presents: four play saturday’s The first Saturday of the month four play music’s own Andrew Emil along with special guests will be doing in store performances at Gramaphone Records in Chicago and will be broadcast online …


Corduroy Mavericks

4421 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA.

Line up: Corduroy Mavericks (Rick), DJ Strobe, Jarret Tebbets & Erik G


Urban Aficionado

1540 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL.

Monthly Event. Line up: Mark and Karl Almaria. Residents: Andrew Emil & ED-9



Not many DJs get their start playing midnight at a New Years Eve party the first time they get their hands on turntables, but for Jeff Bloom, this is exactly how it happened. I was embarrassed at how terrible I thought it was, but I got so many compliments after the set that I was encouraged and knew if I developed my skills, over time, I could eventually become pretty good.

Despite the geographical proximity, growing up in the suburbs of Chicago does not necessarily provide one a particularly large exposure to house music. But, after moving into the city at 19 Jeff was inevitably drawn into the underground house music scene.

“It seemed an inauspicious time to be getting into dance music, especially with the digital revolution and with the rave scene was dying down. But it gave me a chance to hone my DJ skills at home, as well as focus on production. The revolution did however become an auspicious time to be getting into production, as computers and home studios were starting to be able to create a professional sound at a fraction of the price.”

Jeff Bloom’s debut single “That Old Thing” (fourplaymusic WMC 2002 10’’ sampler) was a deep house joint that gave some insight into his musical aptitude. “I was really drawn to the performance side of music, and so that most of my early electronic beats including ‘That Old Thing’ were recorded as a live PA using all outboard gear” (Yamaha Rm1-x, and SU700 among others).


I Found You Ep – FPM.004

titlei found you epartistmr.egg germrelease date2004